I am an experienced experimentation practitioner. My specialty is designing and building the infrastructure and processes required to start and scale A/B testing to drive business growth.

Lukas on stage presenting at Growth Marketing Summit in Frankfurt, 2019 Growth Marketing Summit, Frankfurt (2019)

Keynote Speaker

Statistics sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be. By explaining statistical concepts through compelling stories and concrete examples, I make statistics accessible for any audience. Through practical examples and live simulations, I help audiences understand how data can be used to gain valuable insights and support key business decisions.

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Lukas and Craig chatting on stage as part of a Q&A at Marketing Festival in Ostrava, 2016. Marketing Festival, Ostrava (2016)

Trusted Advisor

How do we get started with experimentation in our organisation? How can we scale up A/B testing and increase the maturity of our experimentation program? In short but impactful consultation sessions I help clients avoid common pitfalls and ensure that experimentation takes the right place in their company culture.

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Lukas pointing at a slide showing a citation on stage at Predictive Analytics World in Berlin, 2017. Predictive Analytics World, Berlin (2017)

Accomplished Writer

Publication is one of the cornerstones of scientific discovery. Writing and sharing is an important part of my contribution to the field of A/B testing. I have co-authored multiple influential academic papers on the topic of online experimentation. A selection of my published work is availabe here. There are also blog posts and videos.

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Lukas sitting in the crows raising his hand high to ask a question at a Booking Data Science Conference in Amsterdam, 2018. Booking Data Science Conference, Amsterdam (2018)

Asking questions is my superpower

Are you familiar with the Socratic method? If not, perhaps you should Google it. Asking questions is a powerful way to stimulate critical thinking and foster understanding. My strength as a speaker and advisor does not stem from having all the answers, but from relentlessly asking the right questions.

Lukas on stage with hands behind ears listening to the crowd at Predictive Analytics World in Berlin, 2017. Predictive Analytics World, Berlin (2017)

Listening is my secret weapon

Being able to speak is not enough. Great presenters pay close attention to their audience and invite authentic interactions with the crowd. Expert advisors will watch and observe before they speak. I understand my role—as a presenter or consultant—is not just to talk, but perhaps more importantly to listen.

Lukas on stage explaining p-values to a crowd of Marketing professionals at Digital Growth Unleashed in London, 2017. Digital Growth Unleashed, London (2017)

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