How do we get started with experimentation in our organisation? How can we scale up A/B testing and increase the maturity of our experimentation program? In short but impactful consultation sessions I help clients avoid common pitfalls and ensure that experimentation takes the right place in their company culture.

Lukas on stage answering questions from the audience at Predictive Analytics World in Berlin, 2017. Predictive Analytics World, Berlin (2017)

Office Hours

Ask me anything, and I will do my best to provide actionable answers and meaningful insights. Recurring office hours are a cost effective method for boosting knowlege and efficiency of internal experimentation teams in your company.

Lukas on stage explaining statistics at Digital Growth Unleashed in London, 2017. Digital Growth Unleashed, London (2017)

Content Reviews

Drafting a project plan? Creating an educational curriculum? By providing detailed and actionable feedback, I help companies improve their content and develop their in-house skills. This can be done live verbally or asynchronously as comments on a document.

Lukas and Craig chatting on stage as part of a Q&A at Marketing Festival in Ostrava, 2016. Marketing Festival, Ostrava (2016)

Experimentation Audits

In collaboration with other leading industry experts such as Craig Sullivan and Ben Labay I support more extensive experimentation audits. Based on company-wide surveys and interviews we provide companies with a pragmatic plan to evolve their maturity.

My specialty

As an experienced experimentation practitioner, my specialty is designing and building the infrastructure and processes required to start and scale A/B testing to drive business growth. I combine industry experience in online experimentation and data science with an academic background in computing science and machine learning. For eight years, I was responsible for A/B testing at, widely acknowledged leader in online experimentation. I grew the in-house experimentation team from four to thirty people, and became the first Director of Experimentation in the company.

As an acknowledged leader in the field of online experimentation, I have co-authored multiple influential academic papers on the topic of online experimentation. I have spoken at 30+ conferences, including Growth Marketing Summit, CXL Live, and Google Catalyst Conference, SIGIR and KDD. I have accepted two Experimentation Culture Awards; once on behalf of and once on behalf of the Vista Experimentation Hub. My impact was recognised in the Harvard Business Review story “Building a Culture of Experimentation” (March - April 2020 issue).

Currently I am employed as Director of Experimentation at Vista. I am also available as a freelance speaker and consultant to help businesses grow their experimentation culture.

How I can help you

As a trusted advisor, I play an essential role in making A/B testing an integrated part of business processes. I advocate for accessibility of experimentation, helping people from any background (product owners, designers, developers, writers) to make the right decisions.

You can hire me to help you find answers to questions such as:

  • How do we start?
  • How do we scale?
  • What are the common pitfalls and mistakes in A/B testing and beyond?
  • How to ensure that experimentation takes the right place in your company culture?

Lukas sitting in the crows raising his hand high to ask a question at a Booking Data Science Conference in Amsterdam, 2018. Booking Data Science Conference, Amsterdam (2018)

Asking questions is my superpower

Are you familiar with the Socratic method? If not, perhaps you should Google it. Asking questions is a powerful way to stimulate critical thinking and foster understanding. My strength as a speaker and advisor does not stem from having all the answers, but from relentlessly asking the right questions.

Lukas on stage with hands behind ears listening to the crowd at Predictive Analytics World in Berlin, 2017. Predictive Analytics World, Berlin (2017)

Listening is my secret weapon

Being able to speak is not enough. Great presenters pay close attention to their audience and invite authentic interactions with the crowd. Expert advisors will watch and observe before they speak. I understand my role—as a presenter or consultant—is not just to talk, but perhaps more importantly to listen.

“4.9 on a scale of 1 to 5”

I recently invited Lukas to deliver a talk on Experimentation at our internal event with senior Data Science leaders from portfolio companies of Prosus.

It was a pleasure to engage with him from the first go. He took time to understand our context and audience, to assess what level of details would be needed and what value he could bring to the table. He even shared some pre-read material, and suggested for participants to take a survey on experimentation growth to understand where they stand. This exercise was very useful for our group.

And finally, he delivered a great session with various learning points for even most senior leaders in the group. There were moments when people literally shouted that this is a great piece of information that they learned today. His talk touched at topics related to experimentation, both at an organisation/culture and technical level. On a survey, we did at the end of session, his talk was highly rated. It got a score of 4.9 on a scale of 1 to 5. Lukas is clearly an expert on experimentation and I would recommend him very strongly to anyone looking for an advice on that topic.

— Nishikant Dhanuka, Prosus Group

“A wise mind easy to work with”

Lukas has a unique perspective on the future of our industry. His vision for lean operation is effective to scale experimentation. The advisor mindset will influence frameworks. Past stories strengthen arguments and move decisions faster.

Lukas helped my team prioritize and move our experimentation flywheel faster. Generating interest and reducing the cost of testing were our most impactful projects. A wise mind easy to work with.

— John Ostrowski, PositiveExperiments

“Very crisp, clear, and fact-based”

We invited Lukas for a 7 x 1 hour [office hours] sessions engagement to learn from his experience about building democratized experimentation at Lukas’s insights were very crisp, clear, and fact-based. He helped our team understand what we were lacking in helping build a powerful experimentation platform and how we can scale our platform to the next level.

— Abhishek Rathore, Indeed

Predictive Analytics World, Berlin (2017)


I charge a flat hourly rate starting from €1.000,- excluding VAT.

Lukas on stage explaining p-values to a crowd of Marketing professionals at Digital Growth Unleashed in London, 2017. Digital Growth Unleashed, London (2017)

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