Statistics sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be. By explaining statistical concepts through compelling stories and concrete examples, I make statistics accessible for any audience. Through practical examples and live simulations, I help audiences understand how data can be used to gain valuable insights and support key business decisions.

Marketing Festival, Ostrava (2016)


Big Data or Small Data; all data tells a story. Through practical examples and live simulations, I help the audience understand how data can be used to gain valuable insights.

Predictive Analytics World, Berlin (2017)


Doing science might seem straightforward, but the devil is in the details. I use historical narratives to illustrate the numerous practical pitfalls involved in applying the Scientific Method.

Booking Data Science Meetup, Amsterdam (2017)


Statistics sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be. By explaining statistical concepts through compelling stories and concrete examples, I make statistics accessible for any audience.

Lukas sitting in the crows raising his hand high to ask a question at a Booking Data Science Conference in Amsterdam, 2018. Booking Data Science Conference, Amsterdam (2018)

Asking questions is my superpower

Are you familiar with the Socratic method? If not, perhaps you should Google it. Asking questions is a powerful way to stimulate critical thinking and foster understanding. My strength as a speaker and advisor does not stem from having all the answers, but from relentlessly asking the right questions.

Lukas on stage with hands behind ears listening to the crowd at Predictive Analytics World in Berlin, 2017. Predictive Analytics World, Berlin (2017)

Listening is my secret weapon

Being able to speak is not enough. Great presenters pay close attention to their audience and invite authentic interactions with the crowd. Expert advisors will watch and observe before they speak. I understand my role—as a presenter or consultant—is not just to talk, but perhaps more importantly to listen.

Example talks

“9.12/10 rating”

With a 9.12/10 rating, Lukas Vermeer was very much appreciated during our Decathlon internal event. Inviting experts from outside the company helped us learn how to improve from another perspective. Just after Lukas’ talk, we had an after-work session during which Lukas took the time to stay and exchange with the different teams to go deeper and be able to exchange. Thanks a lot Lukas!

— Charlotte Demeestere, Decathlon

“Going way beyond the typical innovation buzzwords”

We hired Lukas to deliver a keynote to a Global audience of Coca-Cola leaders on Experimentation. His speech was inspiring, full of insights and meaning, going way beyond the typical innovation buzzwords. He was also super professional throughout our partnership. I would recommend Lukas to anyone without any hesitation.

— Giorgos Vareloglou, REBORRN

“Will get heads spinning sustainably”

Lukas is such an inspiring and charming person! He presented us a great keynote about Experimental Culture which surely will get heads spinning sustainably more than once (in a positive way of course). I can highly recommend Lukas and his work which is for me key part in being successful as a company now and in the future.

—Denis Majnaric, dmTECH GmbH

“Fantastic speaker”

Lukas spoke at an event I organised for a group of 200+ analysts at Google. He was a fantastic speaker; relaxed yet engaging. He hosted a particularly insightful live Q+A session. I’ve heard unanimously positive feedback from attendees, all of whom were impressed by Lukas’s content, style and delivery.

— Colm O’Grada, Google

“Thoroughly understands the subject matter”

I invited Lukas to be a keynote speaker at Mind the Product Engage in Hamburg 2018 and he met my high expectations: Lukas thoroughly understands the subject matter and has the personal experiences to make it tangible. At the same time he also is a strong storyteller. Despite his professional talking skills I found Lukas presentation style to be very original, authentic and I liked the fact that he took a clear stance and was not shy to provoke the audience to think outside their comfort zone.

—Arne Kittler, Mind the Product

“Super quotable”

His distinct ability to take complex mathematical concepts and break them down into easy-to-understand stories has made Lukas a leader not only in but also in the tech world at large. He gets his points across with his own brand of dry humor and no-nonsense logic–wrapped up with some nonsense fun. He is pithy, super quotable, and never fails to ask the right question at the right time.

— Erin Weigel,

“Leading mind”

You won’t be disappointed hearing from the leading mind in the democratisation of online controlled experiments.

— Colin McFarland, Netflix

“Genuine and infectious enthusiasm”

There is no question that Lukas is one of the most knowledgable people on the topic of online experiments. Beyond his mastery of the topic, Lukas is a passionate and entertaining speaker who knows how to keep things engaging by varying his pace, interacting with the audience and projecting his genuine and infectious enthusiasm for the topic.

— Ben Dressler, Spotify

“Knows his stuff”

Lukas is a fearless and charming speaker who really knows his stuff. He’s not afraid to be controversial, and will keep the audience entertained while delivering unconventional insights.

— Peep Laja, ConversionXL

“Professional approach”

I’ve invited Lukas to speak at Marketing Festival 2016 in Ostrava. I really value his professional approach, reliability and in-depth knowledge of his subject matter – overall, I’m really grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Lukas.

— Jindrich Faborsky, Marketing Festival

“Great session about data science”

Lukas is one of the few people that can deliver a great session about data science that doesn’t require attendees to have a PhD. I highly recommend Lukas when you are looking for an expert speaker who does not only have the knowledge and experience dealing with data in the real world, but is also able to convey his lessons learned to the audience.

— Bram Smeets, GOTO Conference

Predictive Analytics World, Berlin (2017)

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Marketing Festival, Ostrava (2016)


Speaking fee for an in-person 60-minute presentation including Q&A using existing or lightly altered content starting from €10.000,- excluding VAT and travel depending on the nature of the event and the amount of travel involved. There is a 50% discount for virtual events.

Lukas on stage explaining p-values to a crowd of Marketing professionals at Digital Growth Unleashed in London, 2017. Digital Growth Unleashed, London (2017)

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