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It’s been a while. Too long, to be precise. I did not forget, I’ve simply been postponing writing anything for this blog for days on end. Not that I’ve been sitting still, doing nothing. I don’t think I could, even if I tried. Just that I did not take the time to write about any of it here.

Keeping up with the bi-weekly blogging schedule I forced upon myself proves to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Something needs to change.

Analogous to the Project Triangle there are several ways we could fix these non-compliance issues regarding my self-imposed constraint.

Change the schedule. Reducing the target frequency would ostensibly have the same net result as my current habit of postponing writing posts, but it would reduce the associated guilt experienced on my part. This change would be almost trivial to implement and would not result in any significant changes to the end result.

Reduce the quality. Writing is difficult. Being satisfied with the result proves to be almost impossible for me. I spend a lot of time writing, tweaking, pruning, rewriting and eventually deleting posts. If I were to post instead of delete the content that does not live up to my personal standards, the frequency of posts on this blog would certainly increase. Of course, this would mean that the overall quality of posts would decrease; a sacrifice I am not sure I would be willing to make.

Not do other things. The most obvious, but also the most difficult to implement. In my life, sleep would currently be the most likely candidate to be de-prioritized.

It’s about time for an intervention. I think the solution is obvious. What do you think?