Big Data is Big

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Disks in the Big Data Appliance

We happen to have one sat in the next building over. Would you guys like to see it?

Oh, boy! Would we!

Myself and about twenty other Oracle employees are attending a Cloudera training on Hadoop in the Oracle Reading office. Five days packed with information covering a whole new ecosystem filled with some pretty crazy beasts.

Our heads are spinning like a room full of network-attached storage and our pens are humming like a data center cooling system as we attempt to map and reduce every little piece of data they throw at us.

During one of the breaks, we get the opportunity to go see the Oracle Big Data Appliance. Standing in front of this enormous machine, it finally dawns on me what a massive bulk of raw power this really is. A seemingly countless number of disks are mounted in a box higher and wider than myself. Each disk can hold three terabytes of data.

Big Data is Big!